A collage of videoart/projections made for the show ”Konsertspektakel” in 2014 at Inkonst, Malmö by Ilkka Häikiö
Music: Spin – Minna Weurlander and Tania Narajo
Marina Cicionesi Jansson contributed with vido materials.

Kroppens tysta rop / Inner=outer=space

Outer=inner=space/ Kroppens tysta rop
A short film inspired by Fransesca Woodman´s work.
Set and videomix: Marta Cicionesi.
A-photographer, edit, light, set and videomix: Ilkka Häikiö.
B-photographer: Marina Cicionesi Jansson.
Dancer: Lawino Maria Johnson.
Music: Gary Verkade.
Costume design: Chiara Pellizzer.