Marina photoshop (c) Miranda Karnert

Marina, bron 1992, was brought up in an artist home in South Sweden; her mother works as a set designer and her father as a contemporary classical composer. `Creativity is like air for me, it has always been there, and I have been breathing it in and out since I was bron. In my upbringing everything was possible; you just had to be innovative, playful and go for it´.

Although she could have taken a straight froward path in any artistic direction, well plowed by her partens and the international art, film, theatre and music community always surrounding her, `our home is a landing point for people from all over the world, they come and go depending on my parents different projects,´ she took her own path and dedicated most of her childhood to horse riding. `Horses was a filed my parents didn’t know anything about, and I had to work on my own. I had to figure it out all by myself. When you think about it, my parents were still present in every step I took while being with horses – they had thought me to believe, to be resistant, independent at thought, innovative, self motivated and very ambitious, qualities which helped me to create my own base and network.´

She spent some of her later teenage years working with horses as a groomer in professional stables, `that’s when I learnt that I didn’t want to work with horses in the long run as I cannot stand up for a business that uses horses as machines; in the end its all about the money and the pride and little about understanding horses with the heart.´

Marina slowly returned to the arts, through her love for singing and photography; her mother always carrying a camera and influenced her early interest and her qualities of thinking in pictures. 

In 2013 Marina became involved as a photographer in the performance research project Expedition: Frihet/Expedition: Freedom which she still is actively part of and help developing.  In the following years she also worked as a film photographer in small projects while independently focusing on nature photography, `I feel very grateful for have been working with horses – people think that the art world is difficult and feel discouraged, I’m not discouraged thanks to my parents and to my experience of working with horses, as the horse world is way much tougher.´

In 2015 she moved to London, England, to start her undergraduate studies in English with Creative writing at Brunel University London,  graduating in 2018.

Unsurprisingly she has high ambitions, `my dream is to work as a novelist, screenwriter, stage writer and poet, combining my writing with my photography and film work; I want to have many ways to communicate because what lies closes to my heart is human rights and sustainable development. I want to work with these issues through art as I believe art can connect with peoples hearts, and first then we can make a real change in the way we threat each other.´ As Marina is brought up with the consciousness that everything is possible, she knows nothing can stop her.


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